• Replace that uncomfortable mastectomy bra

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Lighter, Easier & Faster Than A Mastectomy Bra

Breast symmetry without pressure on scars or rashes

Wear a Best Breast Vest over any top to look and feel like yourself again. No need for undergarments. It does not put pressure on scars or rashes. Light bra cups are inserted into matching internal pockets and adjusted to suit your desired cup size.

What Your Neighbours Say About the Vest

Quite impressed with the vest. It is well-made and tasteful. The prosthesis are light-weight and easy to adjust.

- Elaine I.

The fact that the order is already packaged is amazing. I appreciate the service already.

- Debbie P.

I like having a choice to go without my bra, knowing I have a safety net for my privacy .

- Kathleen L.

Buying a Prosthesis Safely During Coronavirus

Now, more than ever, a Best Breast Vest is the best choice.

Unlike a mastectomy bra and prosthesis, a Best Breast Vest is ordered from the safety of home. No need to expose yourself to a stranger for fitting.

Your Vest Was Made in North America With Materials from North America.

Sizing Information

S     34-36 inches     86-91 cm
M     36-38 inches     91-96 cm
  L     38-40 inches     96-101 cm
XL   40-42 inches     101-106 cm
XXL    42-44 inches   106-112 cm

This video demonstrates how to measure yourself for a Best Breast both before and after surgery. One need not measure one's self in both cases to purchase a vest. Either one will do.


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