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Woman chatting about breast cancer prostheses and mastectomy wear on a video chat.

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Has a boss ever told you to stop talking and start working? That boss was wrong!

So far, my favourite part of bringing the Best Breast Vest to market are the chats Judy and I have with women with breast cancer who test the vests for us.

Here’s what I get from the chats:

  1. Data on being a person with breast cancer in 2020 via video conferencing
  2. A glimpse of how people elsewhere are coping with COVID 19
  3. Joy from meeting someone for the first time
  4. Satisfaction from hearing stories of why people have done the things they
  5. To see genuine smiles when our product simplified life for someone
  6. Respect for what we’re trying to do from folks who do not love our vest

Here’s What All This Talking Got Me

In many cases, we have changed things disliked by the testers and our product is better.

This is one example of what we mean when we declare Best Breast Vest Co. is survivor-led. Yes, my co-founder Judy had breast cancer and she is just as much in charge as I am. However, her’s is only one experience. There are several types and sub-types of this disease and treatment pathways vary (Breast Cancer Foundation NZ).

When we declare we are survivor-led we mean we are listening to women with breast cancer right now and acting on their suggestions.

In one of our earliest chats, we heard that it was fiddly to assemble the prosthesis we provide and place it into the pocket inside the vest. According to additional testers, ease and simplicity triumph customization. Therefore, we now ship the Best Breast Vest with the prostheses assembled and inserted. All a woman has to do is nudge it up or down to position it where it pleases her. No subsequent tester has desired a return to the way it was.

A few of our testers wanted her vest wider at its bottom. We thought of three ways to give these testers what they asked for and have tried all of them in subsequent prototypes. Thus far, we continue to implement two of them because they achieve the same thing in a simpler way than the third. 

So What, You Say?

These are things a company should be doing. You’re right. We agree and we are doing them. However, Hubspot concluded in 2019 that, “42% of companies don’t survey their customers or collect feedback” (42% of Companies Don't Listen to their Customers. Yikes. [New Service Data]). Isn’t it a good thing then that I enjoy those marketing chats as much as I do?

There are products on the market now for women with breast cancer by women with breast cancer but none are worn overtop of whatever a woman chooses as ours is. I can’t say for sure how much testing those companies did or do but I can assure you we are using Judy’s experience with breast cancer only as a starting block,  not the be all and end all. Furthermore, we’ll continue to do laps to hear what else women with breast cancer have to say.

Sorry Boss, in some cases talking is working and I’m going to keep on talking.

Here's What We Want

My exercise clothes are on. Reach out to me at Or, subscribe at to hear the moment these vests are for sale. It’s my honour to do a lap around the track with you. 

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