Children Might Not Listen However They Are Watching


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Children will do as you do, not as you say. If there are particular values you want to pass along, you must exemplify them sooner rather than later. It wasn’t until I launched Best Breast Vest Company with Judy that I was able to show my son my work values in action. 

Earlier Lessons 
I was a stay-at-home mom for my son from his birth to grade 11. I am grateful for the memories he and I were able to make because I was beholden only to my family and myself instead of to my family, myself and a boss. I’m thinking here of the activities that make community. He attended many library programs, a co-operative preschool, and we made trips daily to a nearby outdoor pool.
 I hope my son has learned through observation that community is a positive force.
While my son was in grades one through ten, I volunteered at nearby schools and our community centre. Volunteering is something I hope my son brings forward into his adult life.

Lessons Now
Now, with Best Breast Vest Company, I’m showing my son that things that seem unlikely to change, can changeAnd, I’m showing him what one can achieve by teaching one’s self something new. With the mistakes I make along the way, he’s seen that one or two don't spell the end. 

In the world of work, I have to accept having less control than I had as a stay-at-home parent. The behaviour of people you do not live with is much harder to predict successfully. Don’t be angry, son, when you can’t keep things in your world ordered as you’ve grown up seeing them. The results of other arrangements might surprise you pleasantly.

Going Forward
Now my son has seen some of both my home and work values in action. He’s nearly 20 so this is a case of better-late-than-never. How lucky I am it’s not ’never’. I think I’ve almost had the best of both worlds.

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