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In our blogs to date you’ve learned much about Judy’s past because her story plays such a large role in our founding [Story here.]  This blog entry shares a bit more about me, Rose, the half of Best Breast Vest Co fortunate to not have breast cancer.

Head and shoulders picture of one of the 2 founders of Best Breast Vest Co.

Rose & the Vests
If I did have breast cancer, I would wear our blue vest when I go to neighbourhood coffee. Neighbourhood coffee is a casual, monthly get together with my neighbours where we exchange news about our lives and our neighbourhood. These ladies are always complimentary and encouraging of what Judy and I are trying to achieve with Best Breast Vest: give choice, dignity and comfort to any woman with a mastectomy. I would wear the vest over a long sleeve t-shirt. 

Red is my favourite colour. Has been ever since being allowed to pick my own clothing. Therefore, I predict that if I had breast cancer, a red Best Breast Vest would be the one I wear most often. And, you can be sure my phone would be in one of those two generous front pockets. The other would hold a handkerchief. I’m old-fashioned that way.

Things Besides Best Breast Vest
You may recall that recently, Judy and I were interviewed for a podcast for the first time. In preparation for that interview I had to write a bio. According to me, there’s nothing interesting about where I went to university or whether I’m a dog person or a cat person. Below is what I chose to submit instead.

If she’s going to chew gum, Rose Olesen likes to have enough to be able to blow bubbles. Knitting, reading, playing board games and improvisation are the hobbies that save her sanity. She’s been married for 23 years and has one son whom she & her husband affectionately call "Robot Boy" because he’s always wearing headphones. She was born in southern Ontario and has resided in Kitchener-Waterloo ever since coming to the area for university a long time ago. She is of medium height, medium weight and has medium brown eyes. Every day she has one black, one pu er [pronounced poo year] and one green tea with Jasmine, minimum. If you’re wondering what to give her, homemade cookies are an excellent choice. To help her son and husband out, she’s already written the opening line of her memorial service: “Wherever Rose is, we know she is saying, “Finally, the laundry’s done.’“*

*Shoutout to Kathleen Norris

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