Visual Memories Are Gifts We Already Have

Nobody who has received a cancer diagnosis needs to be told that time is a gift. It was a lesson already learned before the pandemic prompted so many people to question how they had been spending their time. 

Once you have experienced the jolt of realising that time could be much shorter than expected, you are always aware of the milestones you want to be there for. For those of us with young children, it is first and foremost their progress that we want to witness. We want to be a present at every stage and guide them to adulthood with strong values, a good education and a handy collection of life skills under their belt.

For ourselves, there is new motivation to start working through our bucket list, but what can we achieve with pandemic restrictions in place?

 And how can it be that living at a slower pace makes time whiz by even faster! "It can’t be garbage day again already!" "We’re halfway through the school year?Where does time go?"

It has never been easier to take a million photos as the events fly, but how many of us have the time to revisit those precious moments when they are stored electronically?

If I could give everyone a gift this new year, it would be a bundle of time to spend getting those memories organized and accessible so we can all savour the precious milestones already passed.

Maybe you can make that a gift to yourself? Then you can revisit loved ones and good times whenever you need a boost, because times past are a precious gift as well.

Happy memories from Judy.

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