Going Braless

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Living in lockdown has allowed women to have a serious break, not just from bras, but from high heels, makeup, hair products and restrictive waistlines. Many don’t want to go back to getting dressed up every day.

While the feminists in the 60’s hurled lipsticks, curlers, girdles, bras and mops into a “Freedom Trash Can” as a symbol of liberation, women these days are making a practical choice to abandon fashions that are uncomfortable, time consuming or downright painful.

Pressure from straps aggravate your symptoms and inhibit healing. The discomfort can continue for several years while scars remain sensitive.

Many women who have both breasts removed embrace going flat. For women whose surgery results in a concave chest, clothing choices are difficult. For single mastectomies, not many women want to appear lop-sided in public, or even with their families. We all wish to wear our usual wardrobe, so we need some help up front.

The challenge is, how do we keep our breast forms securely in place without straps? We have the answer in our simple pocketed vest worn over a shirt. You don’t have to be a wild child to go braless any more. Join the comfort seekers of the world and give your body a break. 

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