InVESTing in Local Industry

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It’s easy to decide to make a product like ours locally, but harder to make it happen. Newcomers to the North American fashion industry will be surprised at how much product is made off-shore. North American manufacturers of materials and garments are few and far between and are forced to compete with things made for a lower price overseas. If you don’t want to source everything you need from Asia, you have a challenge on your hands.

2 women wearing medical masks stand beside each other each holding large bolts of 100% cotton fabric with which they will make Best Breast Vests which are more comfortable than any mastectomy bra.

Our strong preference was to create economic benefits in our own market, supporting businesses and creating jobs. It looked like this might prove impossible, until we discovered a gem - a company that makes its own 100% cotton fabric right here in Ontario. The cotton is grown and spun in Louisiana, then dyed and woven in Ontario. Some determined sleuthing uncovered zippers and labels made in Toronto and breast forms made in Quebec. With a team of local seamstresses to put it all together, we can claim to be “Made in North America”. 

We could offer our vest at a lower price if we bought materials and labour offshore, but we hope to continue to lift up those around us as we expand. We are very aware that women dealing with breast cancer are under enormous financial pressure. We keep our prices as low as we can, even though our vests are a bespoke product, customized to your particular size and needs. We love making our customers more confident and comfortable. We hope they feel proud of their homegrown vest.

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