Own Who You Are

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I heard it all my life growing up, "Rose, you’re weird." Sometimes I had the courage to respond: "I don’t care." Other times, ouch, it hurt. It made me unacceptable and small. 

A poster changed that. The poster celebrated me.

To me the poster said "Welcome home".

I spotted it while on a walk to better my mood. I needed a lot of those walks because my husband’s health deteriorated, leaving him unable to work or participate in anything.

I’m so thankful that after spotting the poster something in me said, "You liked pretending when you were a girl. You’ll probably like it now and could really use the distraction."

Now I have poster-love. 

A while ago, the instructor brought some of these posters to class with an eye to us improv students posting them at our clubs, places of work or maybe places of worship. I took one but not dutifully. I took it joyfully and I’m sorry to report to my improv teachers that it is not hanging in a public place at all.

I’ve given it pride of place in my office\guest room. Each time I sit at my computer desk the poster smiles back at me. I am weird, I’m fine with that and I’ve found my tribe. I’ve found a place I belong. 

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