Many Kinds of Vests

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When one hears the word vest so many images could come to mind including, of course, our Best Breast Vest. 
Nowadays, a vest is rarely pictured or worn with a suit as was done when I was a girl. Today, any gender can look dapper with nothing more formal on than a vest with buttons.

There are vests for safety: those very visible polyester ones that folks who work outside are required to wear. I was delighted to see a pink one from Uline while composing this blog entry. In my opinion, anyone wearing this vest is owning who they are. [For more on that topic see my earlier blog "Own Who You Are".

Is anyone else kind of jealous of all the pockets on a fishing vest? A pocket for my phone. One for my handkerchief. A big one for my wallet and one for gloves. Hmmm. Did I just turn a fishing vest into a purse? Sorry, anglers. Housekeeping or janitorial staff might wear a vest to keep their own clothes clean. Similar light vests are also sometimes used to denote who is a volunteer in a hospital. 

Vests can be notorious! I’m thinking here of the leather vests with badges or crests on them to denote membership and status in private organizations. 

Finally, let’s look at vests for fashion. I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, two of the most recent decades in which vests were fashionable. My mom owned a vest made of granny squares (see left).

The vest from the past dearest to me is this reversible red one made of cotton, sewn by my older sister in her grade 7 Home Ec(onomics) class. I can’t recall her sewing any other piece of clothing. If you are my age, or older, you likely know what I mean by Home Ec class. If not, the vest most familiar to you is likely a life vest. May you never have to use its services.


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