Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Best Breast Vest? 
Our product is a patent-pending zippered vest made of 100% cotton that has 1 or 2 internal pockets which hold a light breast prosthesis. The light prosthesis are provided with the vest.

Who would benefit from a Best Breast Vest?
You, if you would like to wear an external breast prosthesis that is quick to take on and off, and is lighter than a traditional prosthesis.

Why would I buy a Best Breast Vest? 
The Best Breast Vest does not have a bra band. Thus, there is no pressure on your scars or rashes. It is worn overtop of whatever you choose.

Where are Best Breast Vests made? 
They are made in Canada with materials from North America. To see a video about this, click here.

Do you have a blog?
Yes, it's called Vest Buds. Click here.

How should I care for my Best Breast Vest?

With your hand inside the internal pocket, gently pull the breast prostheses away from the front of the vest & bring them out. Put these somewhere safe or wash by hand and air dry if you feel they need it. Meanwhile, launder the vest in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Should I tell my friends about the Best Breast Vest?
Absolutely! Judy & Rose want every woman with breast cancer to know about this comfortable alternative to traditional mastectomy bra and prostheses.

Does Best Breast Vest sell or trade my personal information?


 How do I measure myself for a Best Breast Vest (either before surgery or after)?

Watch this video:

How do I adjust the cup size of my Best Breast Vest?